Focus in on the Big Picture
This lecture is for any salesperson or organization that has wants to overcome the anxiety connected with the pursuit of future sales goals. Instead of living with the fear that each month’s sales results may… More>
Price: $15.00       Qty.
The Real Psychology of Selling
The stereotypes of salespeople – Friends, Beggars, & Blue Suede Shoes – are all explored in this program. Learn how to defeat the negative perceptions people have of obnoxious salespeople. Discover why “beggars” are so… More>
Price: $15.00       Qty.
The Non-Linear Salesperson
Rick will tell you that he didn’t design the Non-Linear Sales Formula, but instead observed. Most sales trainers will try to teach you their process for selling. Rick will reveal the real process that all… More>
Price: $15.00       Qty.
The Thirty Dollar Haircut
A man walks into a hair salon and learns that some stylists command fees significantly higher than the average. The top stylists make more money, schedule better appointments, manage their personal databases, and create loyal… More>
Price: $15.00       Qty.
Diamonds in the Rough
If you take the any prospect you can get, you may never get what you want. Leaders develop the skills and prospecting network to “choose” the clients they want. This lecture will show you how… More>
Price: $15.00       Qty.
Everyone knows that the key to sales success is listening much more than you talk. The problem with most sales training programs is the focus on trite open-ended questions. This strategic lecture takes you far… More>
Price: $15.00       Qty.
Aikido Selling
Traditional sales theory teaches aggression, control, and tactics designed to logically force decisions. Modern consumers are more sophisticated. Professional purchasing agents are well-trained negotiators. This session illustrates how the martial art of Aikido offers passive,… More>
Price: $15.00       Qty.
Harmonic Resonance
Logical arguments produce long-term scrutiny that delays sales decisions and sometimes full blown analysis by paralysis. This is the first of two lectures on presentation skills that teach you how to appeal to the client’s… More>
Price: $15.00       Qty.
The Credibility Balloon
Psychological studies consistently show that trust and knowledge produce credibility. History is also rife with case studies where a single incident destroys credibility of an individual. This session teaches you how to delivery information that… More>
Price: $15.00       Qty.
The Fallacy of the Close
Sales trainers for many decades have offered gimmicks and manipulative tactics designed to close deals. Astute salespeople know that these gimmicks frequently insult consumers and almost never work in the business-to-business realm. This enlightened program… More>
Price: $15.00       Qty.
Business IS Personal
Ultimately business decisions are made by humans with emotions, personalities, feelings, pressures, time constraints, and unique perspectives. This lecture demonstrates how top sales leaders are able to adapt their communication to the right audience for… More>
Price: $15.00       Qty.
The Power in YOU
Heroes are not made when life is easy. Difficult times produce the opportunity to demonstrate your resolve and achieve the extraordinary. This lecture will persuade you to keep your head in difficult times. Sometimes you… More>
Price: $15.00       Qty.

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"Rick brings the heat! He is not just the best in our industry; he is the best at sales training in the country. Period. It is great stuff! I love the way he has evolved his programs."

Nate Bond

Vice President of Sales North West Region

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I signed up for the 2013 Chicago Triathlon as the only sensible thing to do because running hurts my back and I’d never swum more than sixty three consecutive feet in my life. So why not sandwich a

Rick just finished a 14 city tour with Bill Lee during which 900 people learned the secrets to Beating the Price Objection. The reviews are in and suggests that a 2015 tour should be planned. Stay tun

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