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I signed up for the 2013 Chicago Triathlon as the only sensible thing to do because running hurts my back and I’d never swum more than sixty three consecutive feet in my life. So why not sandwich a 14 mile bike ride in between two athletic events for which I had demonstrated zero competence. T he event was just too exciting to pass up! My yearlong path to the event was illustrative to say the least and life changing to say it all. Here are nine lessons I learn on the way: Lesson 1: The All-American Diet does NOT work.

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A 14 City Tour

Rick just finished a 14 city tour with Bill Lee during which 900 people learned the secrets to Beating the Price Objection. The reviews are in and suggests that a 2015 tour should be planned. Stay tuned for more details. Meanwhile Rick is beginning his training for the 2014 Chicago Triathlon.

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