Make Your Event Memorable

Captivating. Humorous. Unique Ideas.

You want a speaker who:

  • Surprises the audience
  • Fills an entire room with energy
  • Inspires change and leaves everyone wanting more
  • Gets people to gush and thank YOU for your speaker selection


Rick’s practical wisdom, humor, and knack for storytelling will transform your meeting. He has developed a reputation for energizing a room and delivering messages so powerful that attendees wish there was time for more. You want rejuventated people to be motivated for change and ready for the game of business. You will get this…and more:

  • Stronger commitment to your organization’s value proposition
  • Understanding the modern methods for creating elated customers
  • Immediate, practical applications to marketing and sales
  • Turning vacationers and prisoners into powerful contributors

Rick’s keynotes are the ones that people with their entire teams, sometimes even their children, have attended. Your audience will receive a message that touches their hearts and produces the psycho-spiritual connection necessary for business excellence in the 21st century. You are guaranteed to receive a keynote tailored to your specific audience needs and will discover why so many meeting planners say he was "the best speaker we’ve ever had."

We shun the term motivational speaker because it undersells the impressive content you will receive. Your attendees will be motivated…because they will be armed with more than enthusiasm. They will receive tangible new resources for success. Take the challenge and let Rick tailor a customized keynote presentation for you.

What People Say

"Rick brings the heat! He is not just the best in our industry; he is the best at sales training in the country. Period. It is great stuff! I love the way he has evolved his programs."

Nate Bond

Vice President of Sales North West Region

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