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Rick has emerged as the premier sales trainer in the construction products industry. He has been requested for keynotes and training seminars in 41 states and 6 Canadian provices by the leading dealers, manufacturers, and associations in the construction industry because he delivers results.

100% of past attendees surveyed say, ” Yes! I would recommend him to others.” because he offers a message rife with psychological, philosophical, and spiritual insights…but mostly because his methods produce results. Thousands of professionals rave “He gets it!” and that his seminars describe realism rather than a rehash of old theories. Organizations have learned there is a very real return on investment when hiring him and embracing his ideas.

Rick is very similar to a genius (although not actually one), kind to people, way above average looking, and the possessor of a wonderful sense of humor. You know this must all be true because he wrote this introduction himself.

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Rick Davis
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Ellice Herman
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Rick’s Bio

He currently writes articles for LBM Journal and has been the contributing editor to ProSales Magazine for over a decade where his regular SellSheet column has received gold and silver awards from the American Society of Business Publishing Editors. He is the author of Strategic Sales in the Building Industry and The Sales Secret. His articles have appeared in over 20 different publications.

His professional journey began with studies in Economics, Advanced Mathematics, History, Computers, and Acting at the University of Michigan. He studied at the DePaul University Kellstadt Graduate School of Business and later conducted research to create insightful links between psychology and the profession of selling. He considers his greatest lessons those he earned learning from the school of hard knocks, ultimately leading to significant professional achievements. He won awards for his sales performance and later led several sales teams through campaigns to enormous success.

Rick did not ask for his mentoring role, but was called to it. As a junior level salesperson, he saw a void and created a program that became the training standard for his company. It was so well received that he was subsequently asked to speak at his first national sales meeting. The praise from his peers was overwhelming and, as a result, Rick was called upon to present at every annual sales meeting during his remaining tenure of seven more years.

Rick is a devoted husband to his bride of eighteen years, Meg. He is an advanced classical pianist, a tri-athlete, and due to his initial career path as an apprentice chef, an outstanding cook. He is an avid reader of history, business, and finds the study of astronomy one of the amazing privileges of mankind. He treasures as much as anything the relationships he has with close friends. Rick believes balance and a passion for learning are the keystones of a successful business career and a happy life.

What People Say

"Rick brings the heat! He is not just the best in our industry; he is the best at sales training in the country. Period. It is great stuff! I love the way he has evolved his programs."

Nate Bond

Vice President of Sales North West Region

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