Sales Boot Camp

Your Path to Great Salespeople

IMAGINE a Better Salesperson who…
Passionately brings in new business, protects sales margins, and sets the standard of performance in your organization. This is exactly what you get.

  • A Structured Sales Process for Long-Term Sales Growth
  • Speed the Learning Curve by Five Years
  • Customers who Respect You and Your Time
  • Skills to Beat the Price Objection
  • Measurements that Produce Predictable Future Results


PROGRAM MISSION…A PLAN for Profits & Volume
Thirty years ago, we gave salespeople samples and a three-word pep talk, “Go Get ‘em.” It was enough then, but today the supply-chain is complex. Buyers are more sophisticated. The good sales leader today must do more than push products. The great sales leader helps clients make money.

Our Sales Boot Camp launches careers for beginning salespeople still in their first five years and rejuvenates veteran performers who are ready to embrace change and sell the modern way.

GAIN a Measureable Action Plan
At the conclusion of the program, your salespeople will return with a one-page action plan to share with their manager. Why one page? Because it’s measurable, memorable and tractable every day; it’s clear in the mind. Even better, the plan guides communication up and down the chain and validates your investment in the program. Better still, it produces results.

What People Say

"Rick brings the heat! He is not just the best in our industry; he is the best at sales training in the country. Period. It is great stuff! I love the way he has evolved his programs."

Nate Bond

Vice President of Sales North West Region

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