Beat The Price Objection

Giving You Training ROI

If your sales training has been an expense to the bottom line that isn’t producing results,
then you’re doing it wrong.
Rick guarantees that your salespeople will:


  • Complain about the price objection because the "other guy" is low balling.
  • Spend time putting out fires that cost you profits instead of preventing fires.
  • Persistently negotiate with you for price concessions on behalf of customers.
  • Shun constructive input and tell you they "know everyone in the market."
  • End sales meetings with the question, "What else can I do for you today?"
  • Show up at jobsites and offices without appointments.

If reading this list of traits made you laugh…or cry, because they are all too familiar, then you must hire Rick. He has consistently delivered on the promise to get salespeople to change, even the most cynical veterans. At the conclusion of his seminars, your salespeople are energized and ready for battle. You will get a scientific process that delivers predictable future sales results.

Sound too good to be true? Then hire Rick and see why even the most resistant candidates for training seminars become enthusiastic advocates for change. All our programs come with a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, we don’t want you to pay. You can’t get a better guarantee than that.

How It Works

  • Prior to the Event – Our pre-planning includes a discussion of your organization’s mission, desired outcomes, and design of customized content. We help you prepare for training events right down to the seating chart because every detail is essential to success.
  • The Training Session – The last thing your people want is to go back to school and listen to a dull, lecturing teacher. That is why we employ the Interactive Adult Learning Model to engage participants, keep the program fresh, and leverage the brain power in the room. The outcome of every session is a practical skill set that can be applied by every person in the room immediately.
  • After the Program – Your training event is only the beginning of a process that requires reinforcement. Whether you are considering a one-time event designed to inspire modest changes or the introduction of an entirely new sales methodology, we will guide you successfully through a process that reinforces behaviors long after the program is concluded.

What People Say

"Rick brings the heat! He is not just the best in our industry; he is the best at sales training in the country. Period. It is great stuff! I love the way he has evolved his programs."

Nate Bond

Vice President of Sales North West Region

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