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Sales problem? Building Leaders gives you the metrics to get predictable results.

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Leader’s Lament

Their salespeople can’t hold margins and negotiate on behalf of their customers. They can’t teach old dogs new tricks. They are unable to find young, hungry talent. They want hunters, not farmers. Their salespeople are “satisfied” where they are at. If this sounds familiar, we should talk.

Rick Davis is Building Leaders

Rick can get your salespeople to embrace accountability and proactively prospect to grow business. Need proof? See the case studies. Read the testimonials. Rick gets through. He catapults salespeople to success on their first day while also transforming the careers of long-term veterans.

Rick Has Worked With a Ton of Companies

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Selling is a Process, Not a Style

Take a look at your accounting department, or your inventory control system. Do they run on opinions? No. They run on numbers, on measurements that predict future outcomes.

Why should your sales team run differently?
Success in sales is about the predictability of percentages. Rick can prove it, and show you how to make the numbers work for your team.

Scientific Sales Methodology

Rick will prove that, in spite of the uncertainties presented in sales outcomes, there is a process that maximizes efficiency and, most importantly, helps you measure it. Success in sales is not about certainty, but instead is about the predictability of percentages.


Live Team Training

On-site or Virtual Training
Empower your sales team to measure up with cutting-edge sales theory that produces results.


Online Learning

Building Leaders 24/7
An exclusive online learning platform that shows you how to build a better sales team.


Break Through With Engaging Presentations
Rick’s presentations impact careers and sales organizations immediately.

Rick is an Industry Expert and Regular Contributor to LBM Journal

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LBM Logo

Rick Davis is a contributing editor to LBM Journal.

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LBM Podcast Logo

Rick’s LBM Journal Podcasts. Sponsored by DMSi.

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Rick’s Tips

Insights to Your Inbox

Subscribe to receive Rick’s practical Sales Strategies and effective sales insights, sent to your email. These aren’t rehashed ideas you’ve heard thousands of times before, but relevant concepts that work NOW.