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If you want a riveting performance about sales excellence that will transform your organization, Rick Davis is your expert…

The market is always changing but that doesn’t mean you can’t be profitable. Rick has years of expertise helping sales teams in the construction industry learn new ways to increase and meet their goals.


With Rick You Can…

  • Learn new strategies and tactics to help you gain profitable market share in an ever changing market.
  • Discover tactics that can be used immediately to help salespeople prospect more effectively and prosper.
  • Gain sales metrics to attain higher profit margins and meet sales goals.

Yes, Rick is all that and more.

Rick helps breakdown complex processes and other known issues that sales and management teams face. The best part? He makes it fun!

With his energetic presentations, sales and management teams have walked away with new knowledge and a revived motivation to hit their target sales goals.


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Let’s talk about what you want your team to accomplish, and together we’ll come up with a plan that will work for your organization.