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Sales Sustainability Round Table

Typically, sales measurement focuses on the wrong numbers, instead of performance metrics that produce those results.

Ask executives to break down the measurements of cost control, i.e.: business “defense,” and they will easily identify commodity pricing, overtime pay, insurance, capital expenses, etc. and other costs that are readily visible from numerous financial reports.

Ask those same executives what numbers they manage to assure sales success, i.e. business “offense,” and the only numbers they can state with assurance are the sales, product mix, and margins after they have occurred. For many companies, there are no metrics established to predict future sales success. This lack of measurement creates critical management challenges.

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Rick’s Round Table works with LBM dealers that are ideal candidates for interaction and success with a shared sales sustainability culture.

A Sales Sustainability Offer

The strategy is to produce an economic model of sales development that links performance measurements of salespeople to future outcomes.

Specifically, the program will clarify for members:

  • Why some salespeople are more successful than others, that success is not based on style, instinct, or experience alone, but on learned and repeatable sales activities.
  • Objective measurements of performance that grow market share without sacrificing sales margins and allow you to adjust and affect results before they happen.
  • The role executives, managers, trainers, and salespeople serve to ensure sales success in the field, specifically the consistent exchange and dialogue of performance benchmarks shared up and down the chain of command to fulfill the sales game plan.

You will no longer have to wait and hope that a particular salesperson brings in desired results, but instead have a performance plan that works. This Sales Round Table is for the owners, C-Level executives, and sales managers within your organization. Participating companies will benchmark performance sales data and compare results.

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