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The Science of Predictable Sales Results

The Team Selling Workshop You Shouldn’t Miss

Who Should Attend

Salespeople AND Managers. This is a program built on developing consistent and effective sales performance while creating the right coaching and guidance principles for leaders.

What to Expect

Beat Your Competition

Imagine being the sales organization that consistently brings in new business, protects sales margins, and sets the standard of performance in your market. This is exactly what you will get from The Sales University. This fast-track course takes your staff from sales basics to advanced concepts that beat your competition. The session produces the right habits for new salespeople while eliminating unproductive patterns for old ones.

The competition isn’t the other company; that’s zone coverage. Selling is one-on-one coverage. Your goal must be outselling the person going after the same market share as you or your salesperson. This session features the most powerful theories Rick Davis has created to date and enables you to win.


Before & After the Session

Prior to the live event, attending sales managers are invited to a 2-hour sales coaching workshop. During this program, managers are exposed to a preview of the program content and how to make it stick after the session is complete.

After the session, managers may hire Rick for one-on-one coaching to support their sales implementation initiatives.

A Better Team Dialogue

You want your salespeople and managers to attend this powerful retreat together. This is a program about building a winning sales team. The exposure, dialogue and bonding that is created between team leaders and performers during this event will reap profits for years to come.

What to Expect

The First Morning

A Look in the Mirror

Come with an open mind. The opening morning session challenges salespeople to look in the mirror. Salespeople will discover their strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, they will gain a foundation of self-improvement that endures for a career.

This program defines the reasons salespeople fall into the role of professional price bidders, route drivers, and “victims” forced to put out fires reacting to customer demands. It illustrates how they deliver prices with subtle words and gestures that inadvertently encourage buyers to negotiate. At the conclusion of this presentation, salespeople know how to turn conversations from price to client profitability; build long-term relationships; and grow market share while protecting your margins.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create a paradigm shift in sales philosophy and customer engagement.
  • Methods to reduce the nuisance factor of high maintenance customers.
  • Establish salespeople as a consultative business leaders.
  • Ways to retain loyal, fair margin customers who pay…on time!

The First Afternoon

Selling as a Game of Puzzles & Solutions

The afternoon course will illustrate how selling is a game of puzzles and recurring situations to solve. And just like any game, performance excellence requires preparation for these situations as the means to cope in the heat of battle. Salespeople will be introduced to the power of strategic thinking and tactical execution applied to common sales situations.

The workshop portion of this session breaks salespeople and managers into teams. They work together to develop strategic approaches to common situations encountered repeatedly for salespeople in the construction industry.

Learning Outcomes

  • Become a powerful self-correcting sales leader whose Sales IQ grows every day.
  • Recognize common sales situations you will face repeatedly in your career.


For example:

  • Requests for “Blind Bids” that produce combative negotiations.
  • Emergency requests that cost time and profits to your company.
  • Get your asking price by executing steps prior to negotiations.
  • Know how to properly negotiate a price concession…when necessary.
  • See the expected moves of your buyers before they occur…and have a tactical response!
  • And more…

The Second Morning

You Can’t Control Results; You Manage Performance

It’s time to take the guesswork out of sales achievement. This program illustrates the difference between KRIs (Key Results Indicators) and the KPIs (corresponding Key Performance Indicators) that produce results.

  • KRIs include sales results such as volume, margin, and product mix.
  • KPIs include prospecting data, sales activity, and database development.
  • The only way to achieve desired results (KRIs) is to define and measure the performance activities (KPIs) that link to results.

You can’t control the decisions of your buyers; you can control the performance that leads to optimum influence and predictable future outcomes.

Your salespeople will return from this session with a clear plan of measurement and a willingness to stick to it. The program demonstrates the link between measurable performance and future outcomes. Your salespeople will learn to measure prospecting activity, closing ratios, calendar activity, and account details. These measurements add up to results that you can predict before they occur.

The Second Afternoon

The Sales Journey

We do not live in a “close the deal” business. We work in an “open the relationship” industry where desirable clients are repeat buyers. In fact, a salesperson who closes a deal too quickly should realize something might be wrong. A fast sale is a sign of bad credit, disloyalty or a pricing error.

During this portion of the session, salespeople learn the right process to build a sales journey from prospecting and understanding to value delivery, onboarding for the first transaction, and beyond. Rather than delivering a contrived version of it, this course reveals the real selling process.

Succeed in the Profession of Fear

Selling is unlike any other business discipline. Accountants can control the numbers because numbers don’t talk back or have opinions. Managers manipulate and control inventory because they are dealing with inanimate objects. Salespeople, however, come with different personalities, skill sets, and experiences. Moreover, they are dealing with customers who are moody, negotiate and pose a myriad of challenges.

Salespeople perform within this framework of complex variables where results are expected. The outcome of pressure in an uncertain environment is fear. The closing lecture is one of Rick’s trademarked ideas where he weaves psychology and sales performance to produce a confident new outlook for salespeople and their careers.

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