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Rick is Not Inventing a Sales Process, He’s Revealing It.

The last thing you need is another sales “expert” teaching you to ask open-ended questions or gimmicks to close the sale. You want someone original and capable of connecting with veteran salespeople as well as newcomers to the profession. 

Selling is more than a style, even though you can bring your style to the craft. The art of selling has a science to back it up. Rick Davis doesn’t live by the rules that worked decades ago, he preaches what’s relevant TODAY.

Guaranteed to Make Your Event Memorable

Rick Davis delivers presentations that are captivating, humorous, and uniquely tailored to help your business succeed.

You want an educator who…

  • Surprises the audience.
  • Fills an entire room with energy.
  • Inspires change and leaves everyone wanting more.
  • Gets people to gush and thank YOU for your speaker selection.

Rick is all that and a bag of chips..


Rick’s Most Popular Presentations

Fearless Sales Leadership

If you really want salespeople to change, first inspire it. Rick’s flagship presentation has helped thousands of salespeople to look in the mirror and voluntarily rethink their approach to selling. This program defines the reasons salespeople fall into the role of professional price bidders, route drivers, and “victims” forced to put out fires while reacting to customer demands. It illustrates how they deliver prices with subtle words and gestures that inadvertently encourage the buyer to negotiate. At the conclusion of this presentation, salespeople know how to turn conversations from price to client profitability; build long-term relationships; and grow market share while protecting your margins.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create a paradigm shift in sales philosophy for your entire organization.
  • Methods to reduce the nuisance factor of high maintenance customers.
  • Build a pipeline of future sales talent in your organization.
  • Establish salespeople as consultative business development leaders.
  • Recruit and retain the loyal, fair margin customers in your market…who pay on time!

The Game Of Selling - Situations, Strategies & Tactics

This course illustrates how selling is a game of puzzles and recurring situations to solve. And just like any game, performance excellence requires preparation for these situations prior to the heat of battle. Your team will be introduced to the power of strategic thinking and tactical execution applied to common sales situations.

This is one of the most practical programs we offer and creates immediate applications that stick for the duration of a career. More importantly, the learned process enables salespeople become better students of the profession forever – they aren’t given the fish; they learn how to fish.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize common sales situations faced repeatedly in a career.
  • Clearly distinguish between strategies and tactics.
  • Learn to establish the right tactics for each situation.
  • See the expected moves of your buyers before they occur…and know your tactical response.
  • Become a powerful self-correcting sales leader whose Sales IQ grows every day.

Beat The Price Objection

The price objection is like the dirty water at the mouth of the river. If you want to clean the water, you must start upstream at the source of the pollution. This is one of Rick’s newest programs. He illustrates how you can manage the entire process to successfully increase sales without using price as a weapon.

You learn how prospecting, sales metrics, listening skills, fear, and self-esteem affect profitability and pricing strategies. This program illustrates how a holistic sales approach maximizes profits and introduces the negotiation fundamentals every salesperson should master.

Learning Outcomes

  • The power of a point on total profits.
  • The negative psychology (for the buyer!) of an unwarranted concession.
  • Why speed is the enemy and how to slow the sales process for profit.
  • Listening skills that build value.
  • Why you must gain a concession to lower your price…and how to!
  • Learn the specific tactic necessary to win with combative negotiators.

The Science of Selling

You can argue that selling is a matter of style or that salespeople are “born.” Rick will dispel that notion quickly and help you discover the powerful science of sales success. Drawing from his book, Sales Economics, you will learn the science of performance to create predictable future sales results.

You will learn how to measure prospecting success properly; the value of a sales call; how attrition rates can be predicted & factored into sales projections; and more.

Learning Outcomes

  • Get your salespeople to proactively and enthusiastically embrace self-accountability.
  • Learn why quote logs are not predictive indicators.
  • How to measure appointments as both predictive and lagging indicators.
  • Why calendar management is the biggest difference between success and failure.
  • Discover the difference between “time” management and “calendar” management.

The Sales Journey

A sale that is closed on the first call is a huge red flag that something is wrong. It’s a sign that a buyer has bad credit or will be a disloyal customer. Worse, it could be a sign you’ve made a mistake. We are not in a close-the-deal profession, we work in an open-the-relationship business. Each sale is a journey with a customer that begins with an introduction, includes long-term discovery, requires value-added service, and often takes months before the first order is placed.

In business-to-consumer sales, the close is the end of the sales journey. In business-to-business, it’s the beginning. Rick takes you through the journey of creating a sale from initial contact to order fulfillment and, in the process, enhances the journey of a sales career.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover the truth about developing sales relationships.
  • Plan the sales journey from introduction to order fulfillment.
  • Plan for contingencies that require detours in the journey.
  • Learn how the sales journey with one client is the foundation to building a successful career.

Never a Dull Moment

Rick has the remarkable ability to simplify a complex process for better understanding. He is known for his power-packed presentations and energetic delivery.

An in-person session provides benefits that you can’t get with virtual learning:

  • Interaction among peers.

  • Feedback from the instructor.
  • Question and answer discussion.
  • Skill practice in the room. 

Sales Training Is Nothing if It Isn’t Relevant

Every program we provide is tailored to the specific needs of the audience. You have an abundance of content to choose from. Read more to get insights into Rick’s training methodology and a summary of his most popular content.

Prior to the Event

Our pre-planning includes a discussion of your organization’s mission, desired outcomes, and design of customized content. We help you prepare for training events right down to the seating chart because every detail is essential to success. Our creative Sales Roster Worksheet is a foundational tool every client has claimed was the eye-opener to launch their sales improvement strategy.

The Training Experience

Rick engages and brings out the best in every individual through the Interactive Adult Learning Model. He keeps the program fresh and leverages the brainpower in the room. The outcome of every session is a practical skillset that can be applied by every person in the room immediately.

After the Program

You will learn How to Get the Most from Your Training. The event is only the beginning of a process that requires reinforcement. Whether you are considering a one-time event designed to inspire modest changes or the introduction of an entirely new sales methodology, we will guide you successfully through a process that reinforces behaviors long after the program is concluded.

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