Beat The Price Objection


There might be no greater challenge in sales than the price objection. Rick Davis’ fourth book brings back the wisdom of Abe, a wise mentor to Noah, as he helps his pupil navigate through the journey to earn his fair price for services offered.

Abe illustrates that salespeople too often send signals that encourage buyers to negotiate. They deliver prices with gestures that broadcast their insecurity. They use phrases such as asking, “if we’re in the ballpark,” which is an overt invitation to negotiate. In other words, they deliver asking prices when, as Abe says, they should be telling prices.

At the conclusion of this book, you will understand why Abe calls the price objection “dirty water at the mouth of the river.” If you want to clean up the river, you must start upstream where pollutants are being dumped into the system. If you want to get your price, you establish value throughout the relationship long before the price is delivered.

Abe proves that selling is a one-on-one competition. The salespeople who successfully get their telling prices are market leaders who operate and negotiate from a perception of abundance and self-esteem. At the end of the book’s journey, you will also become a market leader who knows the joy power and satisfaction of holding your price and winning a sale. It’s a rite of every sales career that must be experienced.

“Wow! Just wow.”
Rick Schumacher
Publisher and Editor of the LBM Journal

“You nailed it! I don’t think there has ever been a book written like it and I’ve read all of them.”
Bill Lee
Founder of Lee Resources.

“Nobody has written a book on sales like this, and I’ve read all of them.”
Tom Latourette
Managing Partner and Certified Trainer M3 Learning.

Yep. Both Tom and Bill, unsolicited, said those words. You’ll agree after you’ve read the book.