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Our Program Mission is Profits & Volume

Rick Davis and Building Leaders, Inc. is committed to providing quality sales training that empower your sales force with the skills they need to achieve sales success.

Abundant Opportunities

Abundance is not something that happens in the market; it happens between the salesperson’s ears. We guarantee that your salespeople will be prepared and excited about proactively prospecting for new clients.

Prospecting sets the stage for higher margins and the power to hold your price in combative negotiations. The lesson plan includes an evaluation of your market opportunity; how to find perfect clients; cold call scripts that achieve sales momentum; and tracking methods to ensure valuable leads do not fall through the cracks.

Predictable Results

Client Engagement

Beat the Price Objection

Unbreakable Loyalty

Your Path to a Great Sales Team

Imagine a Better Salesperson Who…

Passionately brings in new business, protects sales margins, and sets the standard of performance in your organization.


You Get

  • A Structured Sales Process for Long-Term Sales Growth
  • Speed the Learning Curve by Five Years
  • Customers Who Respect You and Your Time
  • Skills to Beat the Price Objection
  • Measurements that Produce Predictable Future Results

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