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Building a Sustainable Sales Model

Stop Whining!

If your salespeople don’t get it and you have a sales problem, fix it, fire it, or ignore it…but for Pete’s sake stop whining! It’s easy to be happy and take credit for success when things are going well. But when things go wrong, it’s not time to point fingers. It’s time to accept responsibility for the actions of performers. Great Sales Managers understand that the performance of salespeople is the leader’s responsibility.


Predictable Future Results

Managing salespeople by looking at past results does not effectively change future performance or results. If you want to lose weight, measuring yourself on a scale is not enough; you need to measure diet and exercise. If you want to achieve future sales goals, you must measure the right performance statistics.

The Sales Management Boot Camp provides the statistics that take the guesswork out of future success.

Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing

Yes! You read that correctly. Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.” He might be correct in science experiments, but not in business where the constant evolution of technology, client sophistication, and economic fluctuations require change and adaptation. The Sales Management Boot Camp equips your managers with the ideas to build a sales team for the future.


Hire the Right People

History has proven that hiring industry re-treads is not a sustainable sales model. In the 21st Century, the organizations that are winning build from within. They hire for attitude and character, then train for skill.

The Sales Management Boot Camp gives you the insights to hire the right performers, onboard them with the product knowledge, and groom them into salespeople who follow the process that works.

Leading with a Playbook

Imagine a football coach sending his players to the field with no playbook. The quarterback would get in the huddle and, instead of calling a play that defines the responsibility of every individual, simply tell his teammates, “You heard the coach! Let’s get results!!!” The team would break the huddle and uncertainly look at each other with palms raised. Fans would scream and increase the pressure for results. Suddenly, the ball is snapped and confusion reigns. Chances for success? Low.

Sales managers who send their salespeople into the field to produce results without a game plan are as naive as a head coach who omits the playbook. Yet this is exactly what happens in sales organizations throughout the world. Leadership is not about demanding results with the expectation that the players know how to get them.

Leaders know that results are secondary to the action plan. At the Sales Management Boot Camp, you learn how to recruit the right players, coach for maximum performance, and use the statistics that guarantee predictable future results.

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