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Beat the Price Objection

Beat the Price Objection



Why has no book been written on the price objection? Why do so many salespeople deliver prices with inadvertent invitations to negotiate? Why is there so much fear in the midst of price discussions? Why does the price objection crop up so consistently in business-to-business dialogues yet rarely in business-to-consumer transactions? These are the questions answered in Beat the Price Objection.

It has been the most vexing problem facing salespeople yet manages to catch them by surprise time and time again. Professional buyers negotiate; it’s what they do. The price objection is not a surprise hurdle to overcome during a last-minute negotiation, but instead should be defeated long before the price is offered.

Beat the Price Objection illustrates how the wise mentor, Abe, leads Noah on the path to find better customers; develop a game plan with buyers that earns his price; and know the right tactics to use in the heat of negotiation battle. Join Noah as he evolves to become a salesperson who earns his telling price.

The path to more profits was never so clearly marked.