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Sales Economics

Sales Economics



The playbook for business-to-business sales success. GROUNDBREAKING! What can a baseball at bat teach us about measuring a sales call? What does the integrity of legendary golfer Bobby Jones say about individual sales responsibility? How can a wine sommelier reveal ways to get your customers to sell for you? What secret formula of Lou Holtz illustrates excellence in sales coaching and planning? Why do some salespeople achieve more with less talent?

• Discover a strategic approach to sales planning…that works!
• Use key performance indicators that actually produce sales results.
• Measure the quality of each interaction with a sales call scorecard.
• Recognize that your biggest price competitor might be you!
• Leverage relationships to get customers to sell for you.

Sales Economics delivers the truth about the Science of Selling with new theories to improve behaviors, achieve goals, and create relationships of unbreakable loyalty. It’s more than theory; it’s science! This is the definitive book on sales science that any serious student of the profession will want to read, highlight, and review persistently.